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SAFC African Festival

THE CHALLENGE To tie in with the Lion King theatre show coming to Sunderland, we were tasked with hosting live cookery demonstrations which showcase traditional African dishes and discuss their cultural meaning. This was to be undertaken in the unusual location of a local church.


Catered for 2000 guests.
Hosted four live cookery demonstrations showcasing traditional African dishes.
Utilised our talent base by providing both South African and Senegalese chefs to
ensure the food was authentic and explained effectively in the demonstrations.
Refined traditional menu into a canapé style to meet the needs of the event.
Used the 1879 Events network of suppliers to ensure food was of the highest
standard in an off-site location.


Mini Bunny Chow
South African dish from Durban. Consists of a hollowed out loaf of bread filled
with a vegetable or meat curry
Chicken Yassa
Spicy marinated chicken dish from Senegal
Joloff rice
Spicy ‘one-pot’ rice dish from West Africa